Everything Nice Must Be Hot Lead

The gun fearing folks out there are going to be cleaning out their pants quite a lot this week.  First we have a young lady who can field strip an AR-15 faster than most of us could, and now Breda finds another one who is an aspiring young practical shooter.  A Glock is a lot of gun for a girl that size.  I would have recommended a Walther PPK/S or some other single stack small frame automatic.

UPDATE: Apparently they are both the same girl.

4 thoughts on “Everything Nice Must Be Hot Lead”

  1. Same girl actually! If you read the comments, you can tell her proud her father is of her. Seems the other shooters at the two day class were impressed as well.

    We need more youngsters like that, to counteract the rest of the crud growing up out there in the liberal left…

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