Sebastian Permit Update

I just have to wonder if this is the kind of discretion the Brady Campaign thinks is just dandy:

That makes two separate incidents documented by the BPD of assaults and/or threats against me. The Major put it simply: he simply can’t see any way that they can not make the right decision here. I agreed, and pointed out that if what the Corporal at the Jessup MSP Licensing Division said to me on the phone was true (he rather testily suggested that he “knew what I was up to” and insisted that I was engaged in both vigilantism and an active campaign to misrepresent what he was saying in regards to my case), if in fact I really wanted to be a V For Vendetta style vigilante shooting up the neighborhood and taking the enforcement of the law into my own hands…why the hell would I be handing the MSP a copy of my fingerprints? My mugshot-style photograph? The serial number for my Glock pistol from which the MSP have a spent shell casing on file? Why would I apply for a permit at all? Why go on TV talking about my efforts to save Pigtown from itself?

If he lived in Philly, he would have had his license months ago. Of course, that’s not stopping Philly from wanting to be like Maryland.

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  1. Thankfully, here in Georgia it isn’t up to the county or city police, but the Probate Judge, who is elected and not appointed. I have found, in a few cases, that police chiefs and such use the carry permit as a form of given favor or pushing an agenda.

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