Trade Dress Infringement

Glock is suing a replica manufacturer for trade dress infringement. I have to agree with TFB:

To me it looks like a pistol with the same ergonomics as a Glock, nothing more. Nobody is going to walk into a gun shop looking to buy a 9mm Glock and walk out with a blank firing replica thinking they have bought a Glock.

I have an Airsoft replica of the Glock 19 I keep way way back in the safe, because it looks and feels the shit enough that if I’m not careful I can confuse it.

AirSoft Glock

It’s close enough it fits just fine into a Kydex holster molded for a Glock, which is why I bought it. Good for practicing drawing and firing from a holster indoors at home.

5 thoughts on “Trade Dress Infringement”

  1. An Airsoft Glock that can no longer be imported into the US thanks to Glock going after the manufacturers/importers…
    Kinda disappointing when just about every other manufacturer has either ignored or worked WITH replica manufacturers.
    H&K,Sig,Robinson Arms,Magpul, etc. all offer official licensing and leave the unlicensed pretty well alone.

  2. When it comes to trademarks and trade dress, they may have had their hand forced. Trade dress dilution is always a real possibility, although I think it may be less of a concern for trade dress as it is for trademarks. Its similar to chick-fil-a suing that guy making the “eat more kale” shirts. Or maybe glock wasn’t “forced” and were just being punks about it.

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