Trade Dress Infringement

Glock is suing a replica manufacturer for trade dress infringement. I have to agree with TFB:

To me it looks like a pistol with the same ergonomics as a Glock, nothing more. Nobody is going to walk into a gun shop looking to buy a 9mm Glock and walk out with a blank firing replica thinking they have bought a Glock.

I have an Airsoft replica of the Glock 19 I keep way way back in the safe, because it looks and feels the shit enough that if I’m not careful I can confuse it.

AirSoft Glock

It’s close enough it fits just fine into a Kydex holster molded for a Glock, which is why I bought it. Good for practicing drawing and firing from a holster indoors at home.

5 Responses to “Trade Dress Infringement”

  1. Ian K says:

    An Airsoft Glock that can no longer be imported into the US thanks to Glock going after the manufacturers/importers…
    Kinda disappointing when just about every other manufacturer has either ignored or worked WITH replica manufacturers.
    H&K,Sig,Robinson Arms,Magpul, etc. all offer official licensing and leave the unlicensed pretty well alone.

  2. Roberta X says:

    When will they be doing after Diamondback Firearms, then?

  3. Overthetop says:

    When it comes to trademarks and trade dress, they may have had their hand forced. Trade dress dilution is always a real possibility, although I think it may be less of a concern for trade dress as it is for trademarks. Its similar to chick-fil-a suing that guy making the “eat more kale” shirts. Or maybe glock wasn’t “forced” and were just being punks about it.

  4. Overthetop says:

    EDIT: after more reading, glock just seems like punks.