Lessons in Stereotyping

This guy has to have hit over at least half of the stereotypes of gun owners in this incident. Folks, if you’re going to drive your dirt bike drunk, and without headlights, don’t sling your MP5 over your shoulders and put your beer on the handlebars. Of course:

The weapon was an MP-5 semi-automatic sub-machine gun, fully loaded, and was slung across his back, according to Officer David McIntyre of the Ashville Police Department. The suspect also had a six-pack of beer hanging from a sack off the handlebars of the dirt bike.

We do have to get some sloppy reporting. If it’s semi-automatic, how exactly is it a machine gun?

3 Responses to “Lessons in Stereotyping”

  1. MostlyGenius says:

    The media certainly doesn’t fall all over themselves to report any sort of positive gun stories. They will always skip the charity shoots, hunters preserving wetlands and wilderness areas, and private citizens defending themselves.

  2. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    Could it be some sort of non-NFA MP-5? Maybe it had a 16-inch barrel, then it wouldn’t even be “sub”.

  3. Ian Argent says:

    I suppose technically a semi-auto “submachine gun” would be a carbine… But that’s a little technical for me. Submachine gun to me describes a class of firearms that fire pistol rounds in a compact shoulder-arm format. This is usually done to reduce recoil when firing full-auto (I can’t think of another reason offhand), so all the ones I know about are derivative of auto-fire/burstfire designs. I can’t say select fire since at least one example I know of was ONLY full-auto (but with a low enough cyclic that single shots could be squeezed off).


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