4 thoughts on “Holiday Baked Goods Suggestion”

  1. You must always point out the actual cake so people can hunger over it.

  2. I think his favorite so far was a slice of Cynthia’s Sin. However, this was posted right after having a slice of the Coconut Cake. We have also thoroughly enjoyed the Pumpkin Cheesecake and another slice of a hazelnut cake that’s not listed on their website. Basically, we have yet to find any product that’s less than amazing.

  3. Cake Love cakes are really good. DSMIL had a chocolate/chocolate one and a white/lemon one for her birthday. I don’t even like lemon, but the lemon was good!

    And, man, I want to try the coconut cake, but not at that price. There’s a recipe floating around someplace, though, iirc.

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