Still Holidaying

The holidays aren’t over for me yet.  Today was spent getting a few more shooty goodies at the local Sportsmen’s Warehouse here in Roanoke, namely a chronograph.  I never understood why those guys who used those were so intent on knowing how fast the bullet was going, but now I know, and have decided to become one of those guys.  For Christmas I got some powder, bullets, and a digital scale.

I’m hoping tomorrow morning to go to the range in Blacksburg, that is if Bitter will agree to come spot for me.  I want to try out this chrono gizmo.   I’m thinking in the afternoon, we’ll go to the talkie pictures.   After that, I think Bitter will have some last minute holiday baking to do before we head off for a day in the wilderness before heading to the Uncle compound near Knoxville for some shooty fun and then dinner and drinks.  I’ll be on holiday all week, but will try to post as much as I can.   Today there was plenty of time for posting, just not much going on right now.

4 thoughts on “Still Holidaying”

  1. What? No mention of the gun themed Christmas stocking filled with the shotgun shaped lighter? :)

  2. WHat kind?? How much??

    Going to be within 1/2 mile of the Sportsman’s Warehouse in Chattanooga tomorrow and am very curious. I’ve wanted one for some time, but never got around to it.

  3. “Just don’t aim too low.”

    Yeah, I REALLY have to second that one.

    Rule #1 of chronograph care is “Don’t shoot your chronograph”.

    Though I will say that these guys build one tough enough to take a .45 ACP licking and – with a little hot melt glue – keep on ticking.

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