More on New Jersey Bills

Looks like we’ve managed to make a these bills a bit less onerous, but it’s still critical to defeat them.  One thing I’d like to point out:

S2470, sponsored by State Senator Shirley Turner (D-15), as originally written, would have criminalized the transfer of any ammunition to anyone who does not have a valid firearms purchaser identification card, a copy of a permit to purchase a handgun or a valid permit to carry a handgun. While intended to prevent criminals from obtaining ammunition, the legislation would only impact honest gun owners, since criminals are unlikely to purchase ammunition in New Jersey because of the mandatory reporting of all ammunition sales as required by state law

Emphasis mine.  Whoever drafted this has my thanks for helping feed the “Pennsylvania is to blame for our gun crime” monster that folks like Bryan Miller like to push.  I doubt there’s a study that shows criminals are buying ammo out of state, so let’s just leave it at “criminals buy much of their ammo on the black market, and New Jersey already has this reporting requirement.”   Those of us in Pennsylvania would appreciate it.

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