Janet Huckabee on Concealed Carry

From MS-NBC:

Huckabee: I do. I would hardly say I’m a marksman. I definitely would not go that far. But again, I’ve had my concealed-weapon license for quite a while — I’ve actually had mine longer than my husband. It’s something that, I think, if you’re going to have a weapon, you should go learn how to shoot it.

Douglass: I guess the question was, why a concealed weapon?

Huckabee: Well, because if you have one in your vehicle or something and it’s under your seat, if you don’t have a license you could be in serious trouble. I’ve traveled across the country with two females. I think it’s a dangerous situation that perhaps you could be stranded. There’s, to me, nothing wrong with being able to protect yourself.

Can’t argue with that, but I’m still sticking with Fred.

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