Fred’s Zinger

In the Iowa Debates:

“My goal is to get to Mitt Romney’s situation where I don’t have to worry about taxes anymore.”

Mitt responds, by saying he’d like to be in Thompson’s situation.

“Well you’re getting to be a pretty good actor actually,” Thompson quips

How is this guy not doing better?

4 Responses to “Fred’s Zinger”

  1. He likes public policy discussion, but he doesn’t like campaigning. He’d probably do the whole thing by teleconference if he could.

    He’s an interesting candidate, but he pretty much sucks as a campaigner.

  2. Robb Allen says:

    I’m telling you, he’s trying the LILO (last in, last out) technique. Each candidate who takes the spotlight gets hammered. Rudy was totally going to clinch it, but then people started looking at him. Next, Romney was a shoe in but melted under the spotlight. Now, the Huckster is feeling the heat with his over-the-top religious views (I’m religious, and I’d not vote for him).

    Fred still has a great shot. I’m betting he waits until the last minute for his push. And I hope he gets it.

    I could vote Rudy. I’d hold my nose, but he’s decent on a few things. I could vote Richardson. But if it’s Hillary! and anyone ‘cept Fred or Rudy, I’m going all out and giving Paul my vote. I’m not even sure I’d vote for Rudy.

    I still believe that our ballots should have “None of the Above” and that those votes should be tallied and reported. It would show exactly how little support a candidate gets, even if he or she wins.

  3. anon says:

    “How is this guy not doing better?”

    The press are doing their best to ignore him since he’s the only Republican (as opposed to RINO) running…

  4. straightarrow says:

    “How is this guy not doing better?”

    He give intelligent answers to intelligent questions, foregoes answering stupid or ‘gotcha’ questions, and doesn’t play Jesus Christ Superstar. To appreciate him, a citizen must think. A skill that has been trained out of most of us. That’s how.