We Can Do Better

According to PETA:

 PETA researched which states are doing the best job meeting their prison inmates’ hunger for meatless meals, and the results are in: Pennsylvania has placed third on PETA’s list of the Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly State Prison Systems.

Prison food has traditionally gotten a bad rap, but you won’t hear many complaints from vegetarians and vegans who are serving time in Pennsylvania. The soy barbecue, mock Salisbury steak, mock meatballs, tofu cacciatore, and tofu scramble have inmates asking for seconds.

This is one area I can agree with PETA on.  Meat is expensive.  I say mock meatballs and mock salsbury steak is  fine for the prison population if it save the state money and makes live in prison just a little more unbearable.   I say we move to number one on this list!

6 thoughts on “We Can Do Better”

  1. Plus look at the muscle tone on 90% of the PETA demonstrators. I think nothing is better for our guards in prisons than to have their charges to be as pale and weak (in body and mind) as those nuts.

    I think a prison Die-In is MUCH preferable to a Prison Riot.


  2. I actually like soy as a replacement for meat. I wouldn’t do it everyday, but I really do like it. I am the only person I actually really know with this malady, but I love fake salisbury steak.

  3. There’s an old quote I’m reminded of.

    “If God didn’t want me to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?”

    Having said that, we have a great vegitarian restaurant in town that has some pretty tasty stuff.

    My two cents worth, prisoners should have to raise their own food.

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