Bill Clinton Gone Vegan?

Say it ain’t so Bill? But my first thought after seeing that headline, is that he’s probably sleeping with some chick that’s a vegan, and so now he’s a vegan too. PETA is happy now, though:

In December 2010, PETA named Clinton its Person of the Year, estimating that his diet shift spared the lives of 200 animals a year.

I hate to break it to PETA, but I ate those animals instead. Yum.

6 thoughts on “Bill Clinton Gone Vegan?”

  1. Good to hear. Bill certainly isn’t among them. It’s just hard to imagine Clinton being a vegan, given his poor diet was legendary when he was in the White House.

  2. They’re countin’ bugs as animals again??
    That’s like anti-gunners counting 25-yr old live-at-homes as “children.”

  3. Bill Clinton found something new to lie about, but then, he has a talent for that, doesn’t he?
    He’s a doctor of dishonesty, a maestro of malfeasance, a pastry chef of preposterousness, a legend of lying, a devotee of dissembling, an aficionado of adultery, a savant of scams, a fortuneteller of fecklessness, a supporter of shams, a reverend of wrongdoing, a saint of sinfulness, an epitome of evil, a devil of disinformation, a BS artist, a chief of mischief, a truth twister, a peerless prevaricator, a superior scoundrel, an ace of aspersion, a backbiting bastard, a demagogue of distortion, a concocter of confusion, a misrepresenter of reality, a perfidious perjurer, a bespeaker of bull, a fudger of facts, a demon of deviousness, a miserable misinformer, a whopper teller, a vindictive victimizer, a crass criminal, a reckless rogue, a sleazy soft-soaper, a deceptive dog, a seductive snake, a weasel worder, a master of misrule, and he’s been known to not tell the truth.
    Other than that, he’s a really nice guy.

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