Write Your State Representative

Remember folks, to write your state representatives about the Castle Doctrine Bill coming up.   Here’s mine:

Representative [Find Yours Here],

I am disappointed that HB 641, the Castle Doctrine Bill, did not get a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee as was originally scheduled for today.  I am told that the bill’s sponsor, Representative Cappelli, plans to introduce it as an amendment onto Senate Bill 436, which is currently before the House.

I would very much appreciate your support of Rep. Cappelli’s amendment, and the final bill, when it comes up for a vote.


[Your Name]

Hopefully we can get this bill on Rendell’s desk.

4 thoughts on “Write Your State Representative”

  1. I wrote Conklin (and tried to call, but the lines were busy). It will be interesting to see what he does. I’ve gotten a lot of newsletters from congresscritters, but I’ve never gotten one where there’s some reference to guns (pro) on the front page of every one — thing is, Conklin’s a Democrat (though to be fair, not a rookie, and a Democrat from Philipsburg), so we’ll just sit back and watch.

  2. Why? You know Rendell won’t sign this bill even if it reaches his desk. That is the definition of unwinnable.

    Why would you waste political capital on a battle you can’t win. Why would you think losing access to the governor’s office because of your opposition to his opposition of the Castle Doctrine would be worth it just to register your disapproval?

    Why would you not pick your battles more carefully? You’re only going to get tired and probably get a worse bill proposed. I am not confident that Rendell will do anything more favorable for your side if you brace him on this issue.

    Perhaps it would be better to give up now and avoid the agony of defeat.

    Where have I heard that before? Oh,……..Yeah, I remember now… it was……

  3. Actually, we don’t know he won’t sign it. He’s not said that he’ll veto it. Even if he does veto it, there are probably enough votes to override. Also, there a lot of new legislators who haven’t gotten on record with a gun related vote yet these past two years, so it’s time to find out where they stand.

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