Too Many Blogs

I’ve gotten to the point where I have so many blogs on my RSS feed, I can’t possibly read all of them every day, and I’ve had to get down to a core list of blogs that I make an effort to read daily.  Anyone on my blog roll, I do actually read, but I feel bad that lately I’ve been missing a lot.  If anyone has a post they think I might be interested, feel free to e-mail it to get my attention.

9 thoughts on “Too Many Blogs”

  1. [blatent self-promotion mode]

    Well, then you just need to read the GunBloggers site, it aggregates all the stories from the best bloggers and displays the top 10 posts.

    Yeah, the site design sucks and my css-fu is weak but it works!

    [/blatent self-promotion mode]

  2. Do you have an RSS feed for that? Sadly, I can’t really go to visit individual blogs. I aggregate them all in Bloglines myself.

  3. I’ve got the same problem. I try to at least skim them all every day but I don’t have time to read and/or comment on every post. Just too much good stuff out there.

  4. Perhaps there is some sort of RSS reader with Bayesian filter (so that the most desired posts will be displayed first).

    I don’t know if RSS feeds display the categories of a blog, so I don’t know if you could just sort by category.

  5. I doubt there any technological solution. I couldn’t even tell you what makes a post catch my attention, and it’s probably not the same from day to day :)

  6. Oh, wait. Checking WordPress, it seems to allow for RSS feeds of individual categories.

  7. My solution to the “too many blogs” problem is to organize Bloglines with different folders/categories: one is for primary blogs (highly interesting to me and frequently updating), one for “lesser blogs” (few updates, but still interesting), and then all other blogs (not the most interesting, but I still occasionally find something). I let the second and third categories accumulate a backlog, then read them in one go.

    (I usually just have to skim comments to avoid too much time loss.)

    I suppose the gun blogs could start using Digg or other mechanisms to rank posts. Still probably wouldn’t be very useful for finding obscure posts, though.

  8. Actually, I’ve tried using Bayesian filtering on blog posts. It doesn’t really work very well since it bases its voting on the wording, and there isn’t a big enough difference between a subjective decision like ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ posts for it to be effective.

    I ended up just using a simple popularity vote, the more member blogs that link to your story, the higher it is on the list.

  9. I know the feeling; I currently have a backlog of 495 posts in newsgator. It doesn’t help that I have a lot of different interests, so not only am I following gun bloggers, but cross stitchers, general news, some fashion stuff, etc.

    Google Reader will sort based on frequency of posts, but that just puts all of Instapundit’s posts at the end. :)

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