Save That Candle, Save the Planet

Justin points out the absurdity of some Israeli environmental groups, who are calling on Jews to light one less candle this holiday season to save the planet.

So, to save the environment from 15,000 kg of CO2 1 million Jewish households would do just as much good by sleeping in for an extra 65 minutes over Hanukka. If you figure there are 4 people for every household that brings us to 16 minutes and 15 seconds of extra sleep per person.

So, sleep in a little bit this Hanukka season. It’s for the environment!

It’s not really about saving the planet.  It’s about feeling good about yourself because you think you are, and that’s all that matters.

10 Responses to “Save That Candle, Save the Planet”

  1. Lysander says:

    I was planning to anyways, but I’ll make sure that the full compliment are there (including the one from last night, since I couldn’t find the bloody candles.)

    Hell, I’ll get all my menorahs going. Just to be sure.

  2. It’s particularly boneheaded, as anyone who understands even the basics of climatology or has spent an afternoon perusing understands, there’s a big difference between burning a candle, a tree, some biodiesel, or a joint and burning fossil fuels.

    Hint: the candle didn’t come from under the earth you dipshits.

  3. Sebastian says:

    That depends on the source of the wax. If it’s paraffin wax, that does have a petroleum source.

  4. That’s true, it might not be animal fat. When you think about it just about everything is a petroleum related product in one way or another. The farm tractors that raised the soybeans and the trucks that took the veggie oil to the restaurant were probably petrol powered, so the biodiesel I put in my truck is ~80% carbon neutral according to the nerds who calculate that stuff.

    But you get the picture…people doing this sort of thing really don’t get the “big picture”.

  5. Michael says:

    How about lighting a candle for every IDF soldier that has falling or every citizen that has dies at the hands of terrorist. How about that you enviro-tinfoil hat wearing wackos. What lighting a candle not for Earth, but for your country and faith. Arrg, folks like that just my eyes bleed sometimes, sorry, but folks like ELF,ALF, PeTA, and other nut jobs just push my anger button every time.

  6. That’s part of the reason nut jobs on both sides of the spectrum do what they do–they know damn well they are pushing your buttons…so I try not to give them too much of what they want.

    For instance, the treatment the Unabomber and Eric Rudolph are getting in the Federal prison where they’re completely cut off from the outside world is exactly what they didn’t want. They can’t bother anyone and nobody hears from them…exactly what they didn’t want.

  7. straightarrow says:

    That’s a pretty good idea, PGP, let’s put all the global warming nuts in prison or some other lockup.

    I’m so glad you thought of that. thank you. Oh, and let’s not give them any candlepower of any kind. You’re simply a genius.

  8. Yeah, that’s a great idea! Sign me up. I’ll get right on it…right after I stick my johnson in a meat grinder.

  9. straightarrow says:

    Damn, you’ve had two ideas I can agree with. We may be having a meeting of the minds.

    Of course, with your new plans for your Johnson, male bonding is out, but we could still agree.

  10. Now you’re really scaring me :).