Light Posting

My posting rate has eased up over the past day or so. For one, I had to fix some WiFi issues at work yesterday, which required being there (I usually am on Wednesdays and Fridays) and for which time was of the essence. I got back late enough I didn’t spend much time to find things to write about.

To make matters worse, the insomnia bug has struck again. I hadn’t really been sleeping great since daylight savings time kicked in, but lately I’m sleeping really light, and waking up several times during the night. I almost prefer the type where I just can’t sleep, because at least I can get things done. This way I just feel tired all the time. I blame the change of time without the usual change of season. I blame Phil, that insufferable groundhog. How does groundhog taste BBQd?

2 thoughts on “Light Posting”

  1. Like Chicken, of course, with a nutty finish. I recommend a fine bottle of Mad Dog, properly chilled, with salt and vinegar Kettle Chips.

  2. I wish someone would vaporize Phil as he sticks his rodent head outta the hole next year……..

    As to sleeping, big glass of chocolate milk usually works for me, if it doesn’t my friend *Jack will almost always succeed.

    *Yukon Jack that is…..

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