Leviathan Strikes Again: Part II

Our attorney general is suing RJ Reynolds tobacco because he thinks they are pimping cigarettes to kids again. Corbett is filing suit because he believes it violates the shakedown racket settlement agreement the tobacco industry signed with the states to not use cartoons to market cigarettes.

I think anyone who looks at this ad, considers the magazine they were placed in, and concludes that clearly this ad was meant to appeal to children ought to stick their heads in their Cuisinart and hit “pulse”, because it seems pretty clear your brain are already pretty much puree.

To be sure, this is meant to target young adults. But last I checked, the legal age to buy cigarettes was eighteen, and I would imagine this ought to mean that it’s legal to market to this age group. It’s a damned shame that smoking is actually pretty bad for you, because I’d almost consider taking up the habit just because it upsets the right kind of people. We’re not supposed to smoke. Our betters have deemed it so.

UPDATE: Well, at least this year Rendell won’t get his smoking ban:

Raela Stabile works the day shift at Molly Brannigans in Harrisburg for one reason: she despises cigarette smoke.

“It’s not half as much smoke [as the night], so I can handle it,” the nonsmoker said in the pub’s smoking section. “I hate cigarette smoke.”

She looks forward to the day when a proposed indoor smoking ban becomes the law of the land, and hopes it will include bars and restaurants.

Hey Raela, no one is forcing you to work in a pub.  I don’t particularly like dealing with people, which is why a job in tech support isn’t something for me.  I choose my career according to my preferences, not try to get the state to pass a law saying everyone should be nice to tech support people.

5 Responses to “Leviathan Strikes Again: Part II”

  1. I’d suggest buying another gun, one as politically incorrect as you can afford. Odds are you’d tick off a lot of the same people. :-)

  2. thirdpower says:

    Illinois’ jumped on this bandwagon as well. I guess they have to compensate for wasting millions of taxpayers dollars for the Gov’s little temper tantrums somehow.

  3. Dano says:

    Pistolero : Make it a black power one to get the most smoke outta it :)

    And if she hate smoke so much, what the ‘ell is she doing waiting on tables in the smoking section? ‘cuse they tip better?

    Oh nanny state please protect my from my stupid choices, and give me money.

    Stopping there, apparently snark mode is stuck in max on mode.

    (oh, and btw – how many of those betters enjoy a nice cigar?)

  4. Sigivald says:

    Does anyone under 40 even look at Rolling Stone?

  5. straightarrow says:

    When given the choice of seating or rooms between smoking and non smoking, even though I don’t smoke, I always choose to sit with smokers. They are on average much nicer people than your average non smoker. They usually have more intelligent things to say that don’t alway focus on themselves, and seem to be more considerate.

    YMMV, but that has been my experience for more than sixty years. And I don’t smoke, but I feel the same way about non-smokers as I do most joggers and for the same reasons, they are just too self involved, but always want someone else to smooth the way for them rather than make their choice and live with it.

    And of course, there are exceptions, but that has been my experience with both those groups the majority of the time.