Gone With the Wind

Despite temperatures in the mid 30s, and winds of 25 mph with gusts up to 50 mph, my club was still shooting trap tonight.  We’ve been rained out the past few weeks, so I was eager to shoot a few sets, despite the conditions.

Winds that high either send the clays into the upper atmosphere, when you’re expecting it to crest, or send it out so quickly that by the time you get a bead on it, it’s so far out your chance of hitting is narrow.  Clays thrown more sideways really go that way if the wind is helping it.  Let me also say, it’s also amusing to see the wadding shoot a few feet out, and then go sideways.

All in all, a fun time, despite my score of 18 and 13.  I think it’s good to shoot under adverse conditions.   If you can keep your game together when it sucks out, you’ll be better for it when it doesn’t.  I’m not sure I’d consider 13 keeping my game together, but I’ll take 18 given the conditions.  I was considering a third set, but on my second, the snow flurries started, and I figured that was my cue to call it a day.

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