Wedge Issue

Jeff doesn’t think that Republicans will have anything useful to differentiate themselves from the Democrats on the gun issue if they nominate Rudy or Mitt. I agree. With the Supreme Court taking the Heller case, there’s no way gun control isn’t an issue in this campaign, and the issues involving Heller will play much more strongly for the Republicans than the Democrats. What Democratic candidate will want to go on record as favoring a ban on all functional firearms in the home?

Whether it’s Hillary or Obama, they will be forced to take a position on that. If they run on a platform of supporting the DC gun ban, they put themselves outside the majority opinion. It could be a great issue for the Republican candidate, but not if it’s Mitt or Rudy.

UPDATE: Armed and Safe has more.

4 thoughts on “Wedge Issue”

  1. It may get trickier for the dems than that if we prevail in Heller.

    The Move On / Brady Bunch loons will demand a constitutional amendment to cancel the 2nd amendment. A party platform that calls for canceling a part of the Bill of Rights is going to be a very hard sell in the general election. Even normal liberals will choke on that slippery slope.

  2. I would prefer having gonnorhea to having Clinton, Obama, Giuliani, or Romney as president.

    Gonnorhea is a lot more fun to get, has fewer deleterious effects, and is more socially acceptable.

  3. Any of those 4 will simply lie and say they support the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans but then revert back to their usual gun-grabbing once elected. I’d put money on it. None of them have ANY respect whatsoever for gun owners or the 2nd Amendment.

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