I think they need to conduct a poll …

… asking Pennsylvania residents whether they appreciate politicians using their tax money to conduct polls.  To me, polling is a political tool, and should be paid for with campaign funds, not public money.  We’re supposed to be a Republic, and our state legislators need to act like it.  I don’t want my legislators leading by poll, which are easily manipulated, and I certainly don’t want my tax dollars paying for it.

3 thoughts on “I think they need to conduct a poll …”

  1. But… But… then how would the politicians know what decisions to make?


    I just wish people would stop believing that they are God’s Word From On High, simply because the word “poll” is attached to them… Although, I certainly would have nothing against cutting back on governmental spending, either.

  2. This is the last poll that needs to be conducted…

    Line up EVERY member of congress and ask each, in succession, the following three questions which must be answered with a simple yes/no answer.

    1. Is there corruption in Congress?…yes/no

    2. Can you name one single member of congress who you know to be corrupt?…yes/no (follow up with “who” if yes is picked.)

    3. Are you corrupt?…yes/no

    My guess is that ALL members will say “yes” there is corruption in congress(just imagine someone trying to argue that there isn’t). NOONE will stick their neck out and identify a fellow member by name, so ALL will answer “no” to #2. Likewise, ALL will answer “no” to #3.

    So what are we left with?

    All members of congress say that there is corruption in congress but nobody knows who those corrupt members are but each is damn sure it’s not themselves.

    Now somebody find me a journalist who has the access and the balls to do this.

  3. I’m so incensed reading that. There’s no way that this is in anyway something that should be paid for out of state funds.

    New poll question: how many more stupid ideas is it going to take before you pick up pitchforks and torches and run us out of harrisburg?

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