He Was For Gay Rights …

… before he was against them.  Someone on Mitt’s staff must have dropped the ball.  People might start thinking Mitt once supported gay rights.

Mr. Romney’s standing among conservatives is being hurt by a letter he sent to the Log Cabin Club of Massachusetts saying that he would be a stronger advocate for gay rights than Senator Edward M. Kennedy, his opponent in a Senate race, in a position that stands in contrast to his current role as a champion of a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

“We must make equality for gays and lesbians a mainstream concern,” Mr. Romney wrote in a detailed plea for the support of the club, a gay Republican organization.

It’s not much of a secret I think Mitt is the least desirable Republican candidate, which is part of why I think he has a chance of winning the nomination.  I trust him less than I trust Rudy, and I don’t really trust Rudy.

One thought on “He Was For Gay Rights …”

  1. Same here. I took some goofy online politics test. It had Hunter as my #1 choice (Duh!) Thompson as #3….Mitt was #2.

    I thought that VERY odd, given my feelings about him. Then I looked at how the test scored him. It just HAPPENED to be that he areed with me on whatever day the test was made. But he’s proven to be the other way where the rubber hits the road.

    I personally have no problem with Gay Marrage, it does me no harm, and actully a little family values will only help the Gay Community as a whole.

    Still what are you voting for when you pull the lever for Romney, and why would you expect to get that?

    can’t trust him at ALL, and frankly like Clinton, I think he just wants the office too damn much to be trusted.

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