4 thoughts on “Maybe She Needs To Talk to Hil Again”

  1. At the same time maybe Dianne Feinstein can explain her permit? (Or am I misremembering which CA national politician has a permit for both themselves and their spouse?)

  2. You are correct, it is Feinstein. What you may not know is that one of her former bodygaurds spilled the beans that Feinstein bought a cheap piece o’ crap handgun just to turn in at a California Gun Buy back program in front of the TV cameras while she was packing a high quality .357 magnum revolver underneath her coat.

    For someone who doesn’t know squat about firearms, she at least made a decent choice for carrying. Ah, the hypocrisy.

  3. Only if she can fire it without flinching, and can control the recoil. a 9mm/.38 that hits is much deadlier than a .357 or a .45 that goes off “thataway”.

    I am put in mind of an FBI study that came down to: many “gunfights” occur at arms-length, and even then, most of them ended up with multiple rounds fired, most of which missed (source was, oddly enough, a sourcebook for Cyberpunk RPG – “Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads” IIRC). (As an FBI study, it was weighted towards “gunfights” between cops and robbers – YMMV)

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