Pennsylvania News Roundup

GeekWithA45 has a public service announcement.  Blog-O-Stuff notes a call to action from the Pennsylvania Sportsman’s Association.  They are asking folks to show up in Harrisburg tomorrow.  Sadly, I won’t be able to make it.  Eric talks about why weakening preemption is a bad idea.

More later…

One thought on “Pennsylvania News Roundup”

  1. Not to preach to the choir but the whole reason preemption statutes exist was to stop this exact type of stuff from happening, wasn’t it? You didn’t want citizens being in peril just because they drove over an arbitrary line somewhere in their state.

    This seems to be the trend of the gun controllers. Preemption is an example of us moving the goal posts back against them for a change. They want it gone. Easier to make gun criminals out of law-abiding citizens. They’ve been trying to doing it here in Maryland too (City of Rockville and Montgomery County). It hasn’t succeeded (yet) because those in Annapolis like to keep their power central.

    Sheesh, you’d figure they’d learn.

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