Stark Difference

It’s quite a difference between the Philadelphia Media, which would love to see every gun owner get a knock at the door to turn them in, and doesn’t work too hard to conceal that sentiment, and the media in other parts of Pennsylvania. This Centre Daily article could easily be an NRA alert. Also this LancasterOnline article about archery bear season. I think you have to be a special kind of crazy to hunt bear with a bow. Finally, this article from Erie Times railing against the Governor’s bills. I think our governor would do well to remember that he’s Governor of Pennsylvania, not Governor of Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania is a state that loves its constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

6 thoughts on “Stark Difference”

  1. Re: the Centre Daily Times article. Welcome to my world! Deer season starts Monday — the TV and radio have been announcing it for a month.

    Bowhunting is extremely popular here, to judge from the the number of UBP bumperstickers I see. The neighbor across the street has been talking about nothing for the last week but bear season — and he’s a bowhunter. I agree, though, that I probably wouldn’t do it.

  2. PA probably has the same problem as NJ: the urban gun grabbers have enough voting power to make life difficult for the dispersed, law-abiding gun owners in the suburbs and rural areas.

    Many East Coast states also produce an excessive number of ambitious, liberal politicians who use gun control to advance their careers. Typically, they’re big city mayors or state attorney generals looking to move into national politics. For them, gun control is not a crime strategy; it’s a career move.

  3. I’ve heard that a few people hunt elephants with bows and arrows. It takes the damn things 20 minutes to die.

  4. There’s a scene in Little House in the Big Woods where the Father is attacked by a bear and him with only his muzzle-loader on him. Not someplace I’d want to be.

    (Besides, I’m a lousy bowshot)

  5. I hope that sentiment holds and those bills go down to the depths where they belong. David Hardy linked to an excellent rebuttal in the Daily News of Jill Porter’s disgusting piece on “racial smugness” and “feel good legislation” in shilling for those bills. Not much hope for Philly, perhaps, but I hope the rest of PA gives Rendell a swift kick over this one.

    If that happens, it’s only a matter of minutes before the usual crowing about the “extreme right-wing NRA/gun lobby/blah blah blah.”

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