New Shooter Report

Over at Breda Fallacy, she took one of her coworkers to the range. We all have to be evangelists for this sport if we’re going to win long term. And I for one, support bringing more women into the sport, especially attractive ones:

Monica met us at the range today, looking a little nervous. (Jimmy, the range manager, said to me, “You brought another one? I’m a little afraid to go to the library now.”) I let her handle all the pistols before they were loaded so she could feel what they were like since she had never handled a firearm before. I helped her with her grip, showed her how to load, put the gun in her hand and said, “Now. You’re ready. Loaded. Aim and shoot.”

And she did.

Good show Breda.

5 thoughts on “New Shooter Report”

  1. “We all have to evalgelists for this sport if we’re going to win long term.”

    Sorry, I only speak English. Perhaps you can translate?

  2. Go knocking on people’s doors asking “Excuse me, could you save your family if you were threatened by a wild pack of Jehovah witnesses? Think about it.”

    Sounds like fun :)

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