Rising Trends

We’re seeing some rising trends in Pennsylvania, in regards to Licenses to Carry, especially in Erie, apparently. But this mysterious spokesperson for PAFOA says it’s not just about Licenses to Carry:

But blaming the rise in permits on political changes in Washington does not account for increased shooting sports participation that the Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association has witnessed over the past year, said Christie Caywood, the association’s media relations coordinator.

“The trend of rising interest in the shooting sports and firearms ownership we’ve seen since 2008 is by no means limited to Erie, or even Pennsylvania. Concealed carry permit applications are one way to measure interest by those who may be most interested in self-defense, or who simply want to make sure they have their legal bases covered when traveling,” Caywood said. “We’ve also seen indications of a nationwide rise in hunting license sales, and there is ample anecdotal evidence from PAFOA members that participation in other shooting sports is on the rise.”

I agree, it’s about a lot more than just permits. We were told by the anti-gun folks that none of the people buying guns during the Great Obama Gun Rush were newbies, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that’s not the case.

2 thoughts on “Rising Trends”

  1. That mysterious spokesman sure does a good job of being very articulate about reasons for gun ownership, something that gun rights groups have not been up to par on in the past.

  2. People who buy guns are interested in the feeling of power it gives them.

    If this country is so dangerous that you have to carry a gun with you everywhere you go, then you must be crazy to live here.

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