Akismet Time

I’ve decided to start using Akismet to deal with comment and traceback spam. It seems to do a pretty thorough job. I’ve resisted all this time, because I’ve never met a spam filter that didn’t flag legit stuff, and allow crap on a fairly regular basis. But the spam has just gotten to be too much, and Akismet seems to do a pretty decent job.

Also, new commenters will now be instantly approved if your comment doesn’t get flagged as spam.

3 thoughts on “Akismet Time”

  1. I think simple solutions are usually the best. A “trick” may work suck as a check box label “this is not spam”. Or Les Jones’ “1+1=” test.

    Both could be overcome easily if a lot of people used them, but that hopefully won’t happen.

  2. It may be because I used spamgourmet. Any site that seem to have a recent version of Askimet reject my comments with such email addresses.

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