Paul’s Common Sense

Let’s see just how common Paul Helmke’s sense really is.  He’s pushing Massengill’s recommendations, using Virginia Tech as the lever for his arguments:

  • All states should report information necessary to conduct federal background checks on gun purchases.

As I’ve said, I don’t have too many problems with HR2640.  But it needs to be paid for, which is why it’s being held up by Coburn.

  • Virginia should require background checks for all firearms sales, including those at gun shows.

Cho didn’t buy his guns at a gun show.  So why does this matter?  Only because it’s what they’ve been pushing for years.

  • The Virginia General Assembly should adopt legislation in the 2008 session clearly establishing the right of every institution of higher education in the Commonwealth to regulate the possession of firearms on campus if it so desires.

Because the regulation on the possession of firearms on campus worked so well to stop Cho, clearly we need more of the same.  Sorry Paul, last I checked the student manuals at most universities weren’t terribly effective at stopping bullets.

3 thoughts on “Paul’s Common Sense”

  1. Institutions don’t have rights. They have powers. Only individuals have rights. Don’t let them expand the meaning of the word. It dilutes the true meaning.

  2. You need a much bigger, thicker bunch of books than just the student manual! Around here there was actually a bit of TV time devoted to how a couple strategically placed books could have acted as body armor relative to a 9mm handgun. I was surprised that anybody strayed from the no self-defense media mantra.

  3. If they add enough regulations to the student code it might actually be thick enough to stop a bullet. See, Helmke and liberal college administrators really do care about the safety of students………

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