Completed Pin Collection

I have finally completed my pin collection for Thursday night indoor metallic silhouette with rifle.  I have gotten pigs and rams and chickens a few times over, come close to turkeys a few times, but last week finally got 10 of them:


I am starting my collection for pistol now, since I got ten chickens with the Ruger Mk.III Hunter 22/45 with a red dot sight on it.  I’ve been pleased I’ve been able to improve this year on pistol, but my rifle game is kind of going nowhere.  I attribute this to lack of practice.  Last year when I started indoor silhouette, I managed to improve shooting rifle offhand with some extra practice.  This year I just don’t have as much time, and I’m not really improving over the course of the season.

What helped improve the pistol shooting was two things, really.   One is when we learned a few things with Todd Jarrett this summer, he offered several suggestions for improving grip, and suggested gripping tighter.  It wasn’t a complex suggestion, but it improved my pistol shooting dramatically.  The grip advice transferred nicely from action shooting to silhouette shooting.  The second is working on trigger control.  This is the skill I find I lose the fastest if I don’t practice, or if I swich guns.  Starting out tonight on pistol, I was jerking the trigger too much.  I also really need to work on follow through. Air gun shooting is really useful for working on follow through, since it seems to be particularly important for air gun.

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