Analysis of Committee Vote

Based purely on what I know of Pennsylvania politics, which is admittedly incomplete, I thought I’d do an analysis of how the vote may likely turn out on the gun bills next Tuesday. I got a little bored with my descriptions of how the various representatives will hurt or help us :) Either way, the results of my analysis:

Likely votes against gun control: 15
Likely votes in favor of gun control: 9
Could go either way: 5

This is definitely no time to get complacent folks, because this could definitely break against us if Rendell is able to twist enough arms. The maybe people, and the chairs of the committee are the most profitable people to contact. But make sure they hear from you. Even someone on our side will like to hear that you appreciate their stand in favor of your gun rights.

I’ve provided links, as well as some speculation as to where the various state representatives likely stand. It’s important to contact friends as well as enemies. Click below for more.

State Representative Thomas R. Caltagirone (D-127)
Represents the City of Reading. NRA Rating of B-. I’m going to guess on preemption weakening he’s with us, probably against us on the “Lost and Stolen” bill and possibly one-gun-a-month. He’ll go in the maybe column.

State Representative Daylin Leach (D-149). Represents Montgomery County, just outside of Philadelphia. Unknown quantity. Given his location and lack of NRA grade, I’m going to put him down as being against us.

State Representative Kathy Manderino (D-194). Represents Philadelphia (Part) and Montgomery County (Part). NRA D rated. She’ll feed gun owners a shit sandwich and tell us we should enjoy it.

State Representative John E. Pallone (D-54). Represents Armstrong and Westmorland Counties. NRA A rated. Would probably pelt Rendell with snowballs from the 700 level of Veterans Stadium if it was still around.

State Representative Don Walko (D-20). Represents Pittsburgh. NRA A Rated. Will probably tell Rendell to take a long walk off a short pier, if we had piers in Pennsylvania.

State Representative Ron Marsico (R-105). Represents Harrisburg. NRA A Rated. Rumor is he has a punching bag in his basement he calls “Ed”.

State Representative Lisa Bennington (D-21). Represents Pittsburgh. NRA D rated. Will eat your children if you let her.

State Representative Dan Frankel (D-23). Represents Pittsburgh. NRA F rated. Will fling feces at gun owners like a rhesus monkey.

State Representative Harold James (D-186). Represents Philadelphia. NRA D rated. Thinks PA constitution is a handy pyrotechnic item.

State Representative Deberah Kula (D-52). Represents Fayette and Westmoreland counties. Unknown quality, but considering her district, I’ll put her down as a maybe, but likely to vote our way.

State Representative Bryan R. Lentz (D-161). Represents Delaware County, just south of Philadelphia. This is the district I grew up in. Lentz replaced long time NRA A rated rep Tom Gannon. Lentz has an NRA grade of C+. Being a freshman, if Ed Rendell lights a fart, he’ll probably tell him how good it smells.

State Representative Joseph A. Petrarca (D-55). Represents Armstrong and Westmorland counties. NRA grade is A+. He’ll probably get in line with you to piss in Ed Rendell’s coffee.

State Representative Sean M. Ramaley (D-16). Represents parts of Allegheny County and Beaver County. NRA A rated. Probably not going to squat down with Rendell to crap on gun owners.

State Representative Greg Vitali (D-166). Represents Delaware County (Havertown area). NRA grade of F. He’ll hold Rendell’s peter while he pisses on gun people.

State Representative Chelsa Wagner (D-22). Represents Pittsburgh. Unknown quanity. Replaced an A rated Republican. Put down as a maybe.

State Representative Jesse White (D-46). Represents parts of Allegheny, Beaver, and Washington counties. NRA rated A-. Likely not to vote with the governor.

State Representative Jewell Williams (D-197). Represents Philadelphia. NRA rated C. Will almost certainly get behind Ed Rendell to punch us in the teeth.

State Representative Tom C. Creighton (R-37). Represents Lancaster County. NRA A rated. When it comes to fighting Ed Rendell, he’ll be anything but Amish.

State Representative Craig A. Dally (R-138). Represents Northampton County. NRA A rated. He’ll secretly replace all Ed Rendell’s crayons with the colors nobody likes (there’s an insider PA joke there if you get it)

State Representative John R. Evans (R-5). Crawford and Erie counties. NRA A rated. He probably can tell Ed Rendell to take along walk off a short pier. His district may actually have piers.

State Representative Will Gabig (R-199). Represents Cumberland County. NRA A rated. If he was stuck on an island with Ed Rendell and Osama Bin Laden, and only had a gun with two bullets, he’d shoot Rendell twice.

State Representative Glen R. Grell (R-87). Represents Cumberland County. NRA A rated. He might just kick Rendell in the nuts.

State Representative Kate Harper (R-61). Montgomery County. NRA Rated C. She’ll likely cry uncle when Rendell twists her arm.

State Representative Beverly Mackereth (R-196). York County. NRA B+ rated. Endorsed last election. Put down as a maybe though, but I’m going to guess likely no on gun control.

State Representative Carl W. Mantz (R-187). Berks and Lehigh Counties. NRA A rated. Probably doesn’t invite Rendell to his dinner parties.

State Representative Bernie O’Neill (R-29). Bucks County. My county! NRA A- rated. I’m guessing doesn’t blow kisses in Ed Rendell’s direction.

State Representative Tina Pickett (R-110). Bradford, Sullivan and Susquehanna Counties. NRA A rated. Will hopefully serve up a delicious meal of “piss off” for our governor.

State Representative Todd Rock (R-90). Franklin County. Unknown quantity. Will put him down as a maybe, but given where he lives, probably a no vote on gun control.

State Representative Katie True (R-41). Lancaster County. NRA A rated. Will likely be true to gun owners.

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  1. Sebastian, if the NRA gave little blurbs like this along with their ratings, it would make gun politics so much more fun! Great work! I may have to copy that technique in looking at Maryland bills next year.

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