The Breakdown

NRA has a list of who did and who didn’t vote in favor of the gun control bills before the House Judiciary Committee this morning.

Please contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee TODAY and thank those that voted “No” to these anti-gun measures. Also, please contact those committee members that voted “yes” and ask them why they voted to restrict the rights of Pennsylvania’s law-abiding gun owners.

I agree, it’s important to follow up with the legislators. It’s important to let our allies know their support is appreciated, and to let our foes know we’re paying attention. Follow the link to get contact info, and to find out how house members voted.

UPDATE: Looking back at my predictions, there were a few surprises:

Representative Chelsea Wagner (wow, she may be in favor of gun control, but she’s pretty cute), who replaced NRA A rated Mike Diven, voted against us on both bills.   That’s really disappointing.

Representative Kate Harper voted with us on weakning preemption and against us on one-gun-a-month.  She keeps her C rating for that, I think.  I thought she’d cave to Rendell completely.  Glad I was wrong.

Representative Mackereth I put down as maybe, and she voted with us.  She responded to me:

Please know that I will NOT be supporting HB 18, 22, or 29.  I feel the focus should be placed on prevention programs that have been proven to work rather than band-aid measures that are ineffective.  I am continuing my efforts to focus on crime prevention, while protecting the rights of gun owners.

Good show.  NRA should upgrade her B+ to an A rating.

Representative Bernie O’Neil voted with us on preemption but against us on one-gun-a-month.  That’s disappointing, because he’s from my county.  He’s A- rated.  I might suggest that after this he deserves to lose a whole letter grade and go to B-.

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  1. I’m watching this on PCN (taped)… It’s mind-numbingly boring. Someone – didn’t catch the name – pointed out that if the gov’t has the power to limit you to one gun per month, then they have the power to limit you to one gun per year, or one gun per lifetime.

    It’s also clear that while the theft reporting law got tabled, there were a few guys who wanted it voted on – because they knew it would go down.

    Kathy Manderino (voted against us all around) says she generally doesn’t support mandatory minimum sentences (god forbid we should lock up criminals), but does support them for injured/murdered cops. So, she definitely thinks some citizens are more important than others. Sad.

    Harold James (retired Police) points out the fallacy of different standards for Police v. citizen victims. Wants mandatory sentences for any shooter with an illegal gun.

    Mandatory sentence law is going to the floor.

    Lots of Reps using the term ‘gun violence’ (as if the gun is to blame)…Sad.

    Ron Marsico (R) is now bashing Rendell for not funding the cops, and preventive measures. He seems to understand that going after the criminals is an effective way to control crime.

  2. “Implementing gun laws that don’t work is not the answer.”–Ron Marsico (R)

    Daylin Leach (D) is in full PSH about Strict Scrutiny and preventing violence as regards the one gun per month. Interesting quotes: “It is not feel good legislation” … “It won’t solve the problem, but …[more PSH].”–Daylin Leach (D)

    Nearly in tears full PSH mode: “Not one of these laws has been considered unconstitutional … or takes away gun owners rights.”– Dan Frankel (D)

  3. “We do respect the rights of the gun owners.”…”There’s not a right or wrong answer here.” –John Pallone (D)

    Newsflash Mr Pallone, there IS a wrong answer here. Restricting the rights of law abiding citizens for fell good measures that have been tried elsewhere and found NOT to work is wrong wrong wrong.

    “There needs to be some kind of limit for a trial period, for a year. ” — Harold James(D) [Pushing for different laws for Philly]

    “This is a culture of deep seated behavior [goes on about dysfunction & requests funding for prevention instead of restricting the law abiding]”–Mackereth She gets it…

    Bryan Lentz (D) – gave the usual crap about “I’m a Hunter/ Soldier/ gun guy, but…” then argues for differing local laws. He doesn’t get it…

  4. Sorry, no mpg4, I’m watching a taped repeat on PCN, not a tape I made.

    “I knew the votes were not there for any of these issues on the merits. [but they should have gone to floor based on the polls]”–Ed Rendell

  5. “We’re not going away “–Ed Rendell

    “This movement is not stopping.”–Ed Rendell

  6. From the press conference:

    They’re going to try again on Dec 10.

    “People have been brainwashed and forced into submission. [talking about the Dems who voted ‘no’]”–Ed Rendell

    “The culture around here is: don’t go against the NRA”–Jewell Williams(D) in full PSH

    “We’re in the majority. And there are going to be some radical changes.”–Jewell Williams (D)

    “We are not going away.[repeat]” — Ed Rendell.

    Rendell is a smug bastard. (especially considering the defeat just handed to him)

    He keeps referring to ‘polls’. Anyone going to look into how scientific they were? He doesn’t talk about the poll question(s) in question.

    Jewell Williams seems intent on arm twisting (presumably the Dems who voted ‘no’) before the next session.

    You are correct that PA residents should call these representatives to thank them.

    “This is not a sprint.””I could have almost predicted the vote.””you can look at potential election races in 2008”–Ed Rendell
    (He KNOWS they voted against gun control because their constituents don’t support it, and they won’t get re-elected if they do – but he will never openly admit it.)

    Rendell is now saying the lost and stolen law will allow them to go after straw purchasers. He doesn’t say how.

    “We’re not going away. We’re not going away.”–Ed Rendell (his repeat, not mine.)

    It’s very clear Rendell puts Philly (and what Philly wants) ahead of the rest of the state.

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