Even More Crazy

Tam covers a one Nancy Genovese, who was caught scouting out a FEMA camp with some guns in her trunk.  She covers the “wookie-suiter” far better than I would, so go read.  There seems to be a lot more of this lately, and I’m wondering why.  Perhaps it’s settling in just how long 3 1/4 more years really are going to be.  Or maybe it’s the Glenn Beck mind control dirigibles that have been circling around the skies, hidden by cloaking technology developed in Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity’s secret technology lab.

4 thoughts on “Even More Crazy”

  1. I never knew that Logitech keyboards had cloaking technology built in. Learned something new today.

    Or maybe that is just a bad link.

  2. Every administration brings out crazies. Which crazies depends on which administration.

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