Boston Magainze on Sullivan

It seems there might be some problems here:

Because as Sullivan prepares to decamp for DC, taking with him his carefully cultivated reputation for relentlessly cracking down on street crime, he leaves in his wake a basket case of a U.S. Attorney’s Office. Judges are complaining of sloppy briefs and missed deadlines in Sullivan’s shop. Cases are taking longer to resolve than in any other state in the country. And bungling management and sometimes shocking instances of patronage have sunk morale. An estimated dozen assistant U.S. attorneys—the career professionals who do the important legal work—left the office during a recent 12-month stretch.

Given that track record, it’s fitting that Sullivan feels such warmth for Alberto Gonzales, his old boss at the ATF and U.S. Attorney’s Office, whose going-away party he marked with this dewy-eyed toast: “When I think of the attorney general, three words come to mind: discipline, duty, and honor.”

When I think of Alberto Gonzoles, I have a different image:

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Hat tip to Red’s Trading Post for the story.

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  1. I think Weasel is more apt for Gonzales. A worm is someone who is just a low life, but not underhanded. The story about cajoling Ashcroft when he was in the hospital was enough to make me label Gonzales a weasel.

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