This Scumbag Literally IS a Turd

Apparently alligators in Florida think armed robbers car thieves are mighty tasty.

UPDATE: Apparently the reporter that wrote this doesn’t know what robbery is.

9 Responses to “This Scumbag Literally IS a Turd”

  1. sanchez says:

    ‘”Anytime an alligator digests or even kills a person, it is a state law through the Florida Fish and Game that the gator be destroyed,” Woods said.’

    That sucks…… Wonder if there is any way we could petition FFG to release ‘Poncho’?

  2. straightarrow says:

    Pancho is already dead.

  3. straightarrow says:

    Pancho Villa

    ate his filla

    swimming thief

    brought to grief

    by reptilian appetite

    but he paid for every bite.

    ‘Tis a shame,

    though his name

    throughout time

    as regards crime

    will be thought

    that he ought

    not be hurt

    for eating dirt

  4. sanchez says:

    “Pancho is already dead.”


  5. straightarrow says:

    Yeah, Sanchez, they killed him for doing a public service.

  6. dwlawson says:

    I find it hilarious what passes for ‘justice’ on that reservation! Maybe not a bad thing.

  7. Sebastian says:

    That’s a great little poem. RIP Pancho!

  8. kaveman says:

    We’ve all heard of the Darwin Awards for stupid stuff. Maybe we should start using the term Poncho Awards for instant karma.

  9. sanchez says:

    They should replace McGruff the crime dog with Pancho. At least he backed up the phrase “Take a bite out of crime!”