High School Reading Level

Congratulate yourselves. We’ve advanced beyond the 6th grade reading level most publications go for:

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11 Responses to “High School Reading Level”

  1. Ha! Mine rates as high school as well. Is it just looking for fancy words?

    Jadefucker’s was rated Junior High School. Ha again!

  2. thirdpower says:

    Genius baby!

  3. The Duck says:

    Yes it no wonder Jade complains so much it’s over his head

  4. kaveman says:

    Not sure how much stock to place there my friends, it rates the Brady Campaign as genius level.

    Maybe they scanned all our blog posts ?

  5. It says it’s unable to check mine. I wonder what that means.

  6. DirtCrashr says:

    That also explains the discrepancy between Kevin’s blog and Markadelphia’s blognoncognition… :-)

  7. Linoge says:

    Bah. Junior high here. Oh well.

  8. Gonzo’s Gun Goobers was rated as Elementary School level. I guess they know their audience.

  9. straightarrow says:

    That simply cannot be true, I can’t read at a high school level.

  10. Ahab says:

    Hmm…junior high school. I think the widget uses syllable per word count to rate your reading level; which means I need to get seriously polysyllabic and pump up my “reading level” a bit.

  11. Michael says:

    I got college level(postgrad), I think it might be broken or something. Because that just can not be right.