11 thoughts on “Advertising”

  1. Very good use of the Man Card stigma!!

    Glad I have mine already, of course I am on the board!

  2. The retort to the “compensating” found in comments at Uncles is worth the price of admissions. I lol’d

  3. I’ve seen Henry advertisements in Popular Mechanics. Hell, in the October issue they listed the Remington 870 as one of the four “must have” survival tools.

  4. And I’ll bet the Bushmaster employees are hiding their NRA stickers when they are not home or in their truck.

    What is with the disparity of the commenters on this site? One thread is full of “hide in the basement type of gun owners”, and another is full of “capitalism rocks, advertise in Cosmo” commenters.

    What the hell is Cosmo?

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