An Endorsement

If you will notice on the right side of this blog, I have added a sidebar item in support of Fred Thompson’s candidacy for President. I decided that it was time to put my money where my mouth is, so I have made a donation to the Fred’s campaign as well.

I will keep the banner there as long as Fred remains a candidate. I’ll admit, I was disappointed by Fred’s showing in New Hampshire, but I sincerely hope that Fred can pull out a win in South Carolina, and do well in the South. I’m tired of supporting compromise candidates, so here’s hoping Fred gets it together and sweeps the South and Super Tuesday.

7 thoughts on “An Endorsement”

  1. If you had those little emoticon things here, I’d give you that smiling winking thumbs up.

  2. A good mnemonic:
    If you stick your thumb and your forefinger out in front of your face, the left hand makes the ‘L’.

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