How to Lose My Vote

John J. Kelly III, Middletown Township Supervisor, managed to send out a flyer this week that convinced me to vote for the guy. You see, John Kelly is apparently under the delusion that he lives in Utah:

I think a bar/restaurant there is a fine idea! I firmly believe that a person ought to have the freedom to start a small business without some local political worm telling them “Sorry, but I think there are too many bars in Middletown Township!” because he gets off on power.

And what’s with the Chuck E. Cheese reference? Last I checked, Chuck E. Cheese sold beer and had a liquor license. Don’t give me crap about protecting children. I’m not worried about the presence of a bar corrupting kids, but I’m very concerned about a citizen’s ability to start a small business.

Great job Middletown Township Republicans, you just convince me to vote for Democrats!

UPDATE: Breda thinks if these worms think a pub next to Chuck E. Cheese is a problem, Ireland would make their heads explode.

4 thoughts on “How to Lose My Vote”

  1. I thought it meant “Browning Automatic Rifle” at first.

    I did not know Chuck E. Cheese sold alcohol.

  2. Whew, I’m glad I’m not alone!

    WHen I saw BAR, I naturally thought “Browning Automatic Rifle”.

    OTOH, I’m one of those freaks who thinks that liquor licenses should not be required.

    Oh, and Breda’s right. In any given block in Ireland you’ll have 2-3 pubs 1-2 off-track betting shops and a newsagent(think 7-11). I’m referring to the towns.

    It’s a wonderful place.

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