Henry Repeating Arms Relocates

Henry Repeating Arms Company, unbeknown to me, was located in Brooklyn.   Apparently they are moving to New Jersey.   I guess a bit of a step up in the gun rights world, but it makes you wonder why they didn’t go a little farther to Pennsylvania.  Our taxes are lower than New Jersey’s, and there’s little danger of the state outlawing their product.

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  1. That has to be at least a semi-stupid decision. Why on earth wouldn’t they move to somewhere their product was appreciated? This is like feeding the alligator hoping you will be the last one he eats.

  2. Just a guess, but I suspect they wanted to retain most of their employees, most of whom probably live in Jersey anyway, or could easily commute from New York. If you think about it from that point of view, it’s actually a pretty stand up thing for Henry to do. They could have easily forced all those workers to either relocate or be out of a job. There are locations in PA that are commutable from NY and NJ though.

  3. From NYC/Jersey City area? I dunno. I once did a stint for J&J in Somerville while I was living in Hoboken – and that was a bit of a hike (IIRC some 45 miles often done in 45 minutes due to lack of traffic since I was commuting contra rush hour- and while google agrees with the mileage, it claims 55 minutes worth of travel time – that might explain my speeding ticket one morning), but it’s still 30 miles from Easton PA via I-78 to somerville.

    Of course, I also have a close friend who used to commute from Buck County to Manhattan…

    I-78 hits the NJTPK at exit/mile marker 58, so yeah, a hell of a hike on the shortest path from the NYC/JC area to PA. People do commute that far, but not many.

  4. I knew they were in New York, but I didn’t know they were in Brooklyn. Its amazing they held out this long.

  5. yeah, but Sebastian, just think of the life improvement they would have wrought for all their employees that chose to relocate to an American city.

  6. The Henry Co, is owned by the guy who bought Iver Johnson in the late 1970’s, IIRC, and then moved that company to Arkansas.
    I’d rather be in New Jersey.


  7. Anthony is a good guy and very loyal to his customers, his workers and his suppliers. He was in a complete DUMP of a building and neighborhood and had completely outgrown the space. Seems to me he did what was best for everyone involved in the business. I wish them the best.

    And for the record seems to me MOST guns are produced in gun-hating places like the states of MA, CT and NY. (NH is the lone exception but is moving the wrong way.)

    Frankly I think they should all give up and move south. We LOVE guns down here and it’s cheaper to make everything.

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