Ko-Tonics Upper

I tried out the Ko-Tonics upper.


All I have to say is it’s my bank account balance will probably not thank me for shooting that. It’s chambered in 6.8 SPC, which is a larger cartridge than I had imagined. It think it would make a fine deer killer.

The upper is light, really light, but felt recoil, a little while more than a 5.56×45, is still very reasonable. We had no trouble hitting the plates at 600 yards, sighting through Uncle’s EOTech. Joe Huffman was ringing the 500 400 yard plate from standing position using the Ko-Tonics equipped rifle.

7 thoughts on “Ko-Tonics Upper”

  1. Good lord. 400 yards standing is still not something I would complain about.

    That said, how much do these spiffy 6.8 rounds go for a pop? I notice recovery of expended brass was definitely implemented, but that may not be indicative of anything, necessarily…

  2. I was very, very pleased to connect at 400 yards offhand. But there have been times in the past when I have won minor competitions then the scores, when told by others, improved with each telling over the years to the point where I was embarrassed to hear them. I would rather that didn’t happen.

  3. I am glad you enjoyed our 6.8 SPC upper, and thanks for the kind words.

    Just a brief comment about Linoge’s “it better be awesome at that price.”

    1) Cheap blasting 6.8 SPC ammo can be had for $12-$13 per box if you look around. Silver State Armory will be coming out with such a round at the end of the calendar year.

    2) 6.8 SPC will never be as cheap as .223. For what 6.8 SPC does, it’s much more comparable to .308 in terminal ballistics and all-around usefulness. 6.8 SPC is FAR more lethal than .223. You get what you pay for.

    3) The beauty of the AR-15 system is that you don’t need a whole new rifle to get into 6.8 SPC, you just neeed an upper, bolt and magazine. Your current .223/5.56 NATO AR-15 lower will work just fine, with no modifications of any kind. When you want to do some blasting, just put your .223 upper back on.

    4) 6.8 SPC is an OUTSTANDING hunting cartridge for deer, hogs, or any other critter weighing less than 400 pounds.

    I have a FAQ on 6.8 SPC, as well as a 6.8 SPC hunting page, on our http://www.ko-tonics.com Web site, point your browser over there if you’d like more info.

    Again, thanks for all the nice comments.

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