Always Recruiting for the Cause

I kind of miss the gun-themed custom license plates I’d see around Northern Virginia. There was a minivan with AR15FAN. One vehicle driving out of a shopping plaza near my old apartment had a Virginia NRA plate with LFE MBR. Another truck in the NRA parking lot had HCI LIES. So I am amused that a blog dedicated to amusing custom plates found this one by someone who is hopefully a recruiter:

(Photo courtesy of GR8 PL8S.)

4 thoughts on “Always Recruiting for the Cause”

  1. Back in the early ’90s I saw one that said “I PAK 9MM” and another that said “HKMP5SD.”

    Both in Virginia …

  2. These things can get you targeted for crime. I once had NRA and GOA stickers on my vehicles… I was burgled twice in two weeks when the scumsuckers targeted me knowing my house would have valuable firearms and other stuff.

    Other than a W sticker in 2004, my vehicles have been clean since.

  3. My buddy has one that says “GUNVOTR”. I elected for one that was more ambiguous, describing my engine, since I didn’t want to find my window broken and the S&W I keep in the center console gone.

  4. Other gun related Pl8s from Northern Virginia:
    MG42 and yes, it was on a M-B.

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