Steel Shooting With Todd Jarrett

Here’s some video of a few familiar bloggers shooting plates with Todd Jarrett with us today at ParaUSA Gun Blogger Summer Camp.  Caleb is looking pretty sharp.  It’s going to be an interesting settling of this bet.


Tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun.

7 thoughts on “Steel Shooting With Todd Jarrett”

  1. Just like a shooting gallery at the old time carnivals. Add the bonus of winning a rubber ducky, and the fun factor increases exponentially.

  2. Oh great! Thanks for the link to Para….
    I have been avoiding their site, and clicking on your link by accident.
    Now I feel myself swirling in, drawn to buy a para 1911…..

    Must resist… MUST RESIST!

  3. Jarrett is a great shooter. I saw him shoot at the USPSA South Carolina Regionals earlier this year and he was seriously great. Speed, precision, and a time that was just unreal. I am envious; I would have loved to have spent an afternoon with you guys there.

    P.S. Shooting steel rules!

  4. No denying Jarrett is a monster shooter, but I was more impressed with his teaching skills. He’s not winging it. He teaches with energy, humor, and individual attention. He builds goals out of incremental objectives. He gives people reference marks so they can assess themselves, and he’s constantly assessing what he just taught. Not something else, determined beforehand, mind you, but what he’s just taught.
    Teachers have silly jargon names for all this and reams of research to read on the subject, but I think Jarrett shows that if you get used to having motivated, receptive students who can afford to go to someone else if you don’t deliver, you can become a pretty great teacher without reading “the research.”

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