I Hope I Wasn’t This Ignorant in College

You know it’s a slow day when I’m linking to college papers.  This one is from King’s College, a catholic college in Northern PA.

 Of all the pronouncements made at the NRA conference, my favorite was provided by Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas . Mr. Huckabee stated, “watching ducks land on a lake in Arkansas in the winter is about the closest to Heaven as you can find on this earth… and as someone who believes, according to my faith, I will go to Heaven when I die, I am pretty sure that there is duck hunting in Heaven!” No, that’s not a typo, he said, “Duck hunting”. Apparently, Mr. Huckabee’s sincerest wish is that upon reaching the gates of Heaven there will be a sign which reads: OPEN SEASON , as we all know Jesus Christ was an avid hunter. I’m sure God fully supports the killing of His creatures (in Heaven no less,) whom according to most conservatives, He painstakingly created in a day. Although I must give Governor Huckabee due credit, because in a single statement he mentioned faith, God, and guns. That’s the conservative trifecta.

The gun  part of the party tend not to be the same as the god part.  No doubt many guns owners are people of faith, just like most golfers are.  But we’re a different faction of the conservative movement, for the most part.  And what’s so weird about enjoying duck hunting?

I fully realize that in many parts of this country, hunting is considered a rite of passage as American as baseball, and the second amendment guarantees that the right to own a hunting rifle shall not be infringed, but can’t we all get together on the assault rifle? In today’s world, with a professional police force in every town and city across America , is there a need for citizen militia?

What is an assault rifle?  10 bucks says he doesn’t know.  I feel safe in this bet, because clearly he doesn’t know current federal law either:

Now, I am not naïve enough to think that stricter gun control laws will eradicate violent crime in this country, but it certainly would decrease them. Would anyone argue that a mandated federal background check on all purchases of handguns could have prevented the Virginia Tech massacre? Would any of the proposed gun restriction measures, when conducted properly and efficiently, help prevent handguns and assault weapons from falling into the hands of criminals? I believe it is a place to start.

We started that in 1994 dude.  But to cut the kid a break, he was probably pooping in the sandbox in 1994.

13 thoughts on “I Hope I Wasn’t This Ignorant in College”

  1. Kinder than I, Sebastian.

    This child is clueless. This paper is nothing but an emotional screed. Doesn’t college require you to actually, you know, research things? With footnotes and sources and all that stuff?

  2. Ignorance, thy name is Drew.

    What’s the difference between killing a couple ducks to feed one’s family and killing hundreds of fish to feed the multitudes (an activity the Bible says Jesus was quite fond of, apparently)?

    “…the second amendment guarantees that the right to own a hunting rifle shall not be infringed…”

    “While the right to bear arms is a personal freedom granted by the Founding Fathers…”

    “…we all know that did wonders for law and order in the Old West.”

    This guy can barely string together two sentences without getting his facts screwed up.

    “…with a professional police force in every town…”

    Uh huh…just like post-Katrina New Orleans.

  3. Not to mention that, actually, a majority of Pennsylvania towns actually have no police force. It can take hours for a state police officer to show up in some of these rural areas. They don’t have police forces because a) they can’t afford them, and b) there’s not much crime anyway. Of course, in these areas, most houses have a gun.

  4. The last time I read a college newspaper, it was filled with a feminist screed.

    I don’t care what they say, phallic imagery does not exist.

  5. Still think our best and brightest go to college?

    No, StraightArrow. Our best and brightest drop out of HS, drink cheap beer and hang around at gun ranges. When they die, they go to that great duck blind in the sky and sit on the right hand of Harla(o)n Carter.


  6. Now now, let’s not insult the engineers and scientists because so many journalism majors are complete idiots (as is made evident by college newspapers all the time). Fact is that I’m into guns solely because I met a few guys at college who are into guns, and they gave me advice and took me shooting. Don’t worry, there’s still hope… but not for the media.

  7. What a bleeding moron, on all counts. Bruce already did a decent job enumerating them, so there is no need to rehash.

    That said, do not discount “engineers” and “scientists” from the “moron” superset… Having graduated from one of them newfangled technical colleges, I can personally attest to just how many dolts, emotional children, and half-wits hail from those institutions as well.

  8. “But to cut the kid a break, he was probably pooping in the sandbox in 1994.”

    Are you sure he isn’t still doing it?

  9. Well, Jg, I have met more stupid college graduates than I have met stupid dropouts.

    Don’t get too high on engineers, either. The three best engineers I ever knew, only one of which went to college. I have seen an entire engineering staff make a 15 minute decision take 6 months at which time they would be forced by project pressure to reach a decision. I kid you not, I once watched negotiations on an engineering decision (science) made not by the parameters of the problem to be solved but by comparing levels of degrees of each of the participants. As several had P.H.D.’s the issue was finally decided (wrongly, I might add) by which participant had obtained his degree at the most prestigious school.

    At this point, I except all the NASA engineers I knew, but one. As a group, I found them to be extremely intelligent and dedicated to the science of the profession. That is the only “group” of engineers I ever knew who collectively had more than a room temperature IQ. Not to say there weren’t some standouts in those groups, but they were mostly not appreciated. A person is never forgiven for being right when all the rest are wrong.

    I am not opposed to a college education, Hell I went off and on for 30 years. I would have to drop out every so often to keep from going nuts because of the rampant stupidity on most campuses and in most classrooms.

  10. Jadegold, you obviously know nothing of guns or religion. If you did, you’d know that we go to sit at the left hand of John Moses Browning; for his prophet, Col. Cooper, sits at his right hand.

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