Mitt it Toast

Grab a knife, and some cream cheese, because Mitt is Toast.  Being unable to win any of the big states, I’m not sure how Mitt can pull this one out.  Either candidate might be able to pull enough delegates to get on the ticket, but I don’t think anyone gets to be king maker here.  He’s fighting with Huckabee over sloppy seconds in the delegate count right now.  It was a good night to be John McCain, and a good night to be Mike Huckabee too, who did much better than anyone expected.  It would seem that Huckabee is not a candidate who should be lightly left for dead.

5 thoughts on “Mitt it Toast”

  1. I thought Huckabee threw in his hat and gave his support to Romney. Not that it matters, I voted for Ron Paul tonight here in NY. Sorry, but I had to vote my conscience. McCain and Romney would have made my head explode from the guilt if I had voted for either one of them.

  2. With your cream cheese recommendation, you make him sound more like a bagel than toast.

    But what does a Texan who never saw a bagel until he joined the Navy and had to leave Texas…er, know?

  3. Oh come off it, Boyd. I know there are lots of bagels in Texas. They make great rabbit dogs.

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