Taxes in The Keystone State

I’ve said that Ed Rendell has never met a tax he wouldn’t like to raise.  Job killing corporate taxes for Pennsylvania are already among the highest in the nation.   Rendell is proposing a 3% tax on businesses as part of his health care initiative, which would make Pennsylvania and even less attractive place to do business than it already is.

Oh well, at least I don’t live in Michigan.

2 Responses to “Taxes in The Keystone State”

  1. Jadegold says:

    Actually, the tax is applied only to those businesses that don’t provide healthcare for its employees. As for PA being high in taxes–the rabidly anti-tax Tax Foundation rates PA 22nd among business-friendly states.

    Wyoming’s number one–but who wants to live there?

  2. Cassie says:

    I’ll just add that list and the increased taxes as yet another reason to get the heck outta michigan when i can.

    And don’t forget – they messed with teacher healthcare.