Pennsylvania Should Wait

Bruce’s post about Flutiecare in Massachusetts is a big reason why I’m not sanguine about the prospect of Ed Rendell boldly moving Pennsylvania into attempting to outdo all the other states to show how much we care about our citizen’s health care. We need to see how this works out in other states before we try to one up anyone.

I also notice that Rendell’s health plan includes a state-wide public smoking ban. Ed, you can totally kiss my ass. Remember kids, when the government pays for your health care, suddenly your bad health habits become everyone else’s business. No thanks! Call me a wacky libertarian, but government provided health care has always seemed to be to be the short line to the government controlling way too many aspects of life than any reasonable human being should be comfortable with.

I need a refresher course in exactly how it is I need to vote for Democrats because the Republicans are too busy stomping on civil liberties. Maybe it’s just the wacky libertarian talking again, but as far as I’m concerned, both parties seem to be equally good at trying to run my life, and as far as I’m concerned they can both go to hell.

3 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Should Wait”

  1. Um…why is this called “Flutiecare”? This isn’t the brainchild of Doug Flutie….

    Is it because it’s a hail mary attempt? Please ‘splain!

  2. Ah, OK. Yeah, it’s because the plan is akin to a Hail Mary pass in football. In past entries on MassBackwards, Bruce gives a quote from a Massachusetts state representative:

    “But we don’t yet know what it’s really going to cost us or where we’re going to get the money from. To some extent you might call it a Hail Mary pass.”

    To which Bruce responds:
    Great…Flutiecare! Just what we need.

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