Blue State Tinkering With Reciprocity Agreements

Back when there was such a thing as a pro-gun Democrat, Delaware Governor Ruth Anne Minner signed a bill that granted the Attorney General of Delaware the power to enter into reciprocity agreements. Now it would seem those agreements are being modified, with Delaware to cease recognition of all non-resident licenses as of September 2017. This means that Pennsylvanians will no longer be allowed to carry in Delaware on a Florida or Utah license, as we can do now under the current reciprocity regime in the First State.

This is raising the stakes for getting National Reciprocity done sooner rather than later.

6 Responses to “Blue State Tinkering With Reciprocity Agreements”

  1. dwb says:

    If the SSA gun ban is an indicator, national reciprocity is in jeopardy. The Social Security gun ban repeal only got 57 votes.

    There are 6 Senators who voted no, in States where Trump won. Among them: Casey (PA) and surprisingly McCaskill (MO). Nelson (FL) and Brown (OH) also voted no. McCaskill, Brown, and Nelson are all particularly vulnerable.

    Was this vote not scored by the NRA? If not, it should be retroactively scored.

    Casey may be a lost cause. He needs to be resoundingly defeated in 2018.

    • Patrick Henry, the 2nd says:

      That’s definitely disappointing it was only 57. Its possible concealed carry might be different though.

    • Richard says:

      Republicans need to start using the levers they have in other areas to get this passed. As in channeling LBJ. Two things that come to mind are infrastructure projects and judicial appointments. On appointments, traditionally home state Senators have informal approval authority on judges. With the Reid rule, the Republicans could blow this off if they wanted to. Unless the Ds cooperate on other things. Republicans could also use this leverage to attach CCW to something else that the Ds could feel more comfortable voting for.

  2. mike w. says:

    There’s always the outside possibility that if Republicans can prevail in our 2/25 special election, we could get something done at the state level that either reverses this reciprocity change or strips / changes the power vested in the AG’s office to make these arbitrary changes.

    Yeah, yeah, I know, not gonna happen. Then again, there’s a chance this state may not remain under Dem control at the state legislative level. I never thought that’d be a possibility, yet here we are.

    It was a PITA for me when Kaine was dicking around with PA’s agreements, but at least her hands were partially tied by the legislature.

    Keep in mind that out of staters can still open carry here without a permit.

  3. mike w. says:

    The language about non-resident permits not being honored after 9/23/17 seems to have disappeared from the AG’s website today.

    • Patrick Henry, the 2nd says:

      Prince posted an update:

      UPDATE (2/15/17 8:40 PM): After publication of the below article, it appears the language on the Delaware Attorney General’s page was changed to remove the information indicating that Delaware would no longer recognize non-resident permits. I already have a call in to the Attorney General’s Office requesting clarification and will post an update once I receive a response.