American Airlines Issue

Some of you may know that American Airlines banned firearms on overseas flights to Europe and Asia.  Needless to say that makes it a little difficult for competitors and hunters to attend competitions and hunt in other countries.   I originally found out about this from the AA web site, that I had to look up because I’m using AA to fly to the GBR.  Fortunately, it looks like we’ve made some progress here with the company:

“After a series of meetings, involving NRA and Safari Club International (SCI), we are pleased to report that there has been some progress. American Airlines has decided that it would amend its policy to allow legally declared firearms to be transported on nonstop flights to other destinations in Europe outside of the UK, and to Asian destinations. We have been informed that due to continuing onerous policies by the government of the United Kingdom, American Airlines is still not allowing civilian transport of firearms into the UK at present.

That’s good news.  It would seem the UK government was the responsible party for this whole policy.   This is another significant illustration of the danger of the international gun control movement, which I’ve detailed here before.

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