They Say “Loophole” I Say “Freedom”

Why the hell does everything have to be a loophole? The Media in New York is all over this St. John’s University .50 caliber muzzle loader story:

It’s a replica of an antique firearm and federal and state gun laws do not apply to antique-type guns. It can be purchased without any background check.

The gunman’s attorney says it was perfectly legal.

“You can go to any gun store in New York, Upstate New York, wherever you want and purchase it,” Rosemarie Rotondo, Hiraman’s attorney, said.

As it should be!

A former agent for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms says for state and federal law not to consider this rifle a firearm is crazy.

“It is totally outrageous to have this type of firearm considered to be an illegal type of firearm, especially under federal and state law,” said former ATF agent Domincik Polifrone.

What? Is it just me or did that statement make absolutely no sense, and the reporter just interpreted to say what he wanted it to say?

Hat tip: Dave Hardy

14 thoughts on “They Say “Loophole” I Say “Freedom””

  1. So wait, those 2nd amendment rights that “…shall not be infringed” according to the bed-wetters only covers “muzzle loaders and black powder” (though they’re pissed that the CIA is logging cell phone calls and might be using voice recognition software…and god forbid if the govenment tries to read their email….but I digress)

    But I guess “…shall not be infringed” so long as my Obama underoos are clean. When I soil myself you need to put the scary flint-lock down!!


  2. Anyone want to wager that the number of crimes committed every year with black powder muzzle loaders is somewhere in between 0 and 0?

  3. He worked for BATFE, so I’m assuming he’s an idiot, and giving the reporter the benefit of the doubt.

  4. CTD – no, I’d give the benefit the other way. The direct quote is exactly NOT what the reporter construed it to be.

  5. Why the hell does everything have to be a loophole?

    Because it stems from a basic core philosophy–nothing is permitted unless allowed. It comes from the same people that believe the misnamed Bill of Rights gives people their rights.

    It’s the antithesis of a philosophy of liberty–everything is permitted unless it infringes on the rights of another and is only then prohibited.

    Why the hell does everything have to be a loophole? Because a slave can’t conceive that other people can live without someone telling them how to live their lives.

  6. Was the guy even a prohibited person?

    Well, at least it’s not legal to randomly shoot people (though if you talked to some people, they act like it is).

  7. You know, if I am reading this correctly (very good chance I am not – good drugs), the BATFE agent was actually saying something reasonably intelligent – it is the author of the article who completely contorted and twisted his words. Kinda wierd…

  8. If I can be forgiven for a dumb question that is also rather off-topic, what does the acronym (I assume) “PSH” stand for? I think I have the gist of it from the context, but I keep seeing it lately, and I’m having sleepless nights trying to figure it out (just kidding about that last part).

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