Transportation of Guns on Amtrak

Senator Wicker is looking to change Amtrak’s rule on firearms in checked baggage, so that they will have comity with airlines.  I’d rather wean them off the federal teat, but if we’re going to have pseudo-socialized passenger rail, it might as well allow people to travel with firearms, as the airlines do.

4 thoughts on “Transportation of Guns on Amtrak”

  1. My first reaction to this was “Geez–Why do they want to add restrictions? It isn’t like you can hijack a train and crash it into buildings”

    …then I actually read the article and found that they want to reduce the restrictions to that of airlines…

  2. Respectfully, I think you mean quasi-socialized or semi-socialized.

    Pseudo- = “fake; deceptive; pretends to be X but is not.”

    Quasi- = “somewhat like; similar to”

    Semi- = “partially”

  3. Given the comments above, I would have to say that we are descending into a pseudo-market based economy.

    And if you’ve ever seen WB cartoons, you CAN slam a train into a building. You just have to pick up the tracks at the last second and bend them sideways.

    The only defense is to have someone standing ready to paint a tunnel in the side of the building for it to go through. And another tunnel on the side of a building to get it back on the tracks.

  4. Uhh, you’re not allowed to carry guns in your check baggage on Amtrak? News to me! I used to ride on Amtrak trains all the time, and yes, I always had a gun in one of my bags. THAT’S WHY I RODE THE TRAIN! It’s not like they have metal detectors or anything! I never saw a sign or posting or read or heard anywhere at anytime that that was not allowed. Opps! My bad.

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