Gun Loving Pervert?

Somehow I think more than a few of my readers probably fit this profile :)

6 Responses to “Gun Loving Pervert?”

  1. Rustmeister says:

    I really like that stern rebuke by a disgusted colleague:

    “You are such a perv.”


    I like the reference to the “black assault rifle” too.

  2. Ahab says:

    The real moral of the story is “don’t post dumb shit on the internet under your real name”.

  3. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    Or, don’t let friends/enemies obtain photographs of you.

  4. AughtSix says:

    I want an “MI6” rifle, whatever that is. :)

  5. Ahab says:

    It’s probably one of those sooper-seekrit James Bond rifles.

    You know, an AR-7.

  6. Scully says:

    Great – On my blog, I have a picture of my AR15 M4 on the counter right after a posting with a picture of Beef Wellington I made for supper and a post about repairing a bad haircut. I can see it now. . “federal officer into ‘black assault rifles’, animal cruelty, and hair fetish activities.”